Caring for Your Trees


Cracked Tree Limb? Call A Tree Service

Trees lose branches all of the time. It is a part of their life cycle, and it is usually not something to worry about. When you should worry, though, is when one of the tree's major limbs develops a crack. Many trees are not prepared to survive if they lose a major limb. They won't have enough leaves left to capture sunlight and make food. The wound left by the large

Stumped By Your Stumps? Why Removing Them Is Best

You've got tree stumps in your yard, and while you don't see them as a real threat, there are reasons to consider tree removal in your home. If you're stumped by your stumps, have a tree specialist use a stump grinder to remove the offending tree remains. Your stumps harbor pests Tree stumps house lots of dead wood that just rots and gets softer and moldier with time.

Lots of Trees? Hire Fall Seasonal Services from a Tree Care Company

Do you have lots of different trees in your yard? For the most part, trees take care of themselves. They can reach down and gather water from far beneath the ground when rain is scarce. They lose their own leaves and come back again each spring. But every couple of years, it is still nice to have a tree care service come out, take a look around, and perform some basic

Why Hiring A Tree Service Is Wise

Having to provide care to numerous trees can be an exhausting job for a homeowner, which is why sometimes homeowners allow them to overgrow. Even taking care of one tree can be a difficult task if it is large and requires extra steps for maintenance, such as using a ladder to reach and prune the branches. There is also a safety risk involved with providing maintenance

A Homeowner's Guide To Tree Root Damage

Although they are underground and out of sight, roots are arguably one of the most important parts of your landscape trees when it comes to providing proper care. Damage can be deadly, so it's important to understand the causes and effects of injury to a tree's roots. Causes Roots suffer damage from disease, lack of proper care, or mechanical damage. The most common c