Caring for Your Trees

2 Ways A Tree Company Can Help You And Your Trees

Trees can beautify your yard, increase your property value, and add to your curb appeal. If you are planting trees, you may not know what trees to put in your yard. If there are already trees in your yard, you may not know what kind they are or how healthy they are. You can call a tree service for some help with your trees. The tree service can do a lot of things for

Do You Need Tree Removal Services?

If you have trees on your property, odds are you'll need to have tree removal done on your land at some point. Your trees are important to you and you want them to last a long time because you invest time and money into them. Also, trees help to either improve or take away from your home's value, depending on how you care for them and how they grow on your land.

Lightning And Trees: What To Do After A Strike

A lightning strike to a tree in your landscaping can be terrifying to witness, but it isn't always fatal to the tree. A tree may survive if there is no extensive burning and the tree remains upright. If you hope to save the tree, keep in mind that it can take a full growing season to determine whether a tree will survive or require removal. Wound Assessment Lightning

When Your Tree Is About To Fall

Knowing when a tree is about to fall can save you time and money in the long run. Whether you are dealing with a dead tree or one that is showing signs of decline, there are ways to identify if it is about to topple over.  This article highlights a few common signs that a tree may be on its way out and what to do when you spot them.

3 Reasons To Get Rid Of A Spruce Tree

Many homeowners like to have evergreen trees in their yards. An evergreen tree will ensure that you have color in your home's landscape throughout the entire year. Spruce trees are a popular evergreen option. Unfortunately, a spruce tree can become more of a headache than an asset. Here are three reasons why you might choose to have a spruce tree removed from your yar