Caring for Your Trees

Have Oak Trees On Your Property? 2 Tips To Keep Them Healthy

Oak trees make great trees and there are many varieties to choose from. No matter what kind of oak tree you have, there are many things you should do to ensure it grows healthy and strong for you. This will allow you and your family to enjoy your oak trees for many years. Keep reading for two tips to get you started.

Trim Trees

Trimming trees is one of the most important things you can do to keep your oak trees healthy. This is especially true for large trees that are at full height. All trees will need to be trimmed at some point. Hire a tree trimming service to trim your trees for you. They have the experience and equipment needed to do the job right. 

Trimming your trees will keep them in a good shape so they look nice in your landscaping. This also keeps the trees healthy. Branches may be crossed which can prevent these branches from growing well. The foliage may be too thick, especially on the top of the tree, which is also known as the crown. The tree trimming service will trim the crown for you. They will inspect your trees for any problems, such as diseases, pests, etc. If found, they can treat the trees for you. 

Maintain Root Zone

The root zone is the soil around the tree. The zone generally goes a little beyond the circumference of the tree during the growing season. Maintaining the root zone includes not planting plants in these areas. Plants will compete with moisture and nutrients you provide for your trees, especially if you plant a lot of them. You also want to make sure there is not a lot of foot traffic in the root zone area. If someone parks in your yard, do not let them park near the oak trees. You want to leave this area uncovered at all times, which means not putting mulch this close to the tree. Keep the soil as undisturbed as you can, and your tree will stay healthy for you. 

Maintaining the root zone also allows moisture and nutrients to get through the soil and down to the root zone where it is needed the most. When it rains there will be no obstructions preventing the rain from reaching the soil. 

Talk with the tree trimming service that you hire for more tips on keeping your oak trees healthy. The service can help you choose the best fertilizer for the trees, as well as teach you about irrigation systems to keep your trees watered. 

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