Caring for Your Trees

3 Tree Care Services For Fall

As temperatures cool and the days grow shorter, the trees in your landscape prepare to go dormant during the fall and winter seasons. Homeowners often forget that their trees need routine care and maintenance throughout the fall season.

Proper care in the fall can mean the difference between healthy, full trees in the spring and trees with structural issues and other problems. Here are three important fall tree services that you should invest in now.

1. Fertilize Your Trees

Trees growing in rugged and remote areas are able to get all of their nutritional needs met via the soil they are growing in. Unfortunately, urban trees are not so lucky.

Most urban trees are planted in areas where constant raking and debris removal can strip many valuable nutrients from the soil.

A fertilizer can provide a viable alternative to healthy and happy trees the following spring. Plus, fertilizing your trees in the fall can prepare them to withstand the rigors of winter.  

2. Rake Your Leaves

Each fall, deciduous trees shed their leaves in an effort to start conserving energy to get through the tough winter months.

One of the best things that you can do for your trees this fall is make sure that you rake up all the leaves that fall on your lawn. Leaf litter can pose a threat to the health of your trees.

A variety of bugs, bacteria, fungi, and small animals can be found near piles of leaves that don't get raked up. These pests can infect or re-infect your tree with an illness that could compromise the overall strength of the tree itself.

3. Add Some Mulch

Mulch can be a valuable tool that will help the trees in your landscape make it through winter unscathed. Mulch acts as a type of insulation, helping to shield the root system of a tree from any serious temperature-related damage.

It is possible for tree roots to experience frostbite. Should this occur, the growth of the tree will be stunted over time. Apply a layer of mulch around the base of each tree in your yard this fall to help protect your trees against cold weather.

Understanding what it takes to keep trees looking healthy allows you to invest in the services that your tree needs to thrive during the fall and winter. Reach out to a tree expert in your area to learn more about fall tree care options.