Caring for Your Trees

Signs You Need Tree Pruning Services

Planting trees in your backyard comes with plenty of benefits. They purify the air you breathe, add beauty to your property, and prevent soil erosion. That said, you should take care of your trees throughout the year. Pruning is a great way to take care of your trees. Here are signs that your trees need pruning.

Diseased or Dead Limbs

Healthy trees should always have strong limbs. So, if you notice diseased or dead limbs on your trees, you should cut them. These branches could affect the growth of your trees or make them look ugly. Fortunately, it's hard not to notice dead or diseased limbs. They always look dry or weak. By pruning these limbs, you'll protect your trees from pests and diseases.

Storm Damage

Intense storms can cause significant damage to your trees. Foliage may be stripped or shredded, limbs can be broken, or the bark may be gouged. While trees can recover from storm damage, you should still help them recover. Moreover, it's hard to save broken limbs and shredded foliage. 

With that in mind, you'll have to prune the broken or damaged branches. This way, your trees will have a better chance to recover. 

Misshapen Trees

Trees have plenty of benefits, but most people plant them for beautification. Unfortunately, trees can ruin the appearance of your yard if you fail to take care of them. You have to control the growth of your trees to bring the best out of them. So, if you notice that your trees' shape isn't appealing, you should hire a professional tree pruning service to help shape them. 

Overgrown Branches

Overgrown branches are a good indicator that your trees need pruning. As you probably know, branches don't grow uniformly. Some will outgrow others depending on various factors. That said, you have to prune those branches that have outgrown the rest. Once you do so, your trees will all have a uniform shape. 

High Branch Density

Another reason you'd want to hire a tree pruning specialist is if your trees have so many branches and foliage that you can't see through them. Too many branches on your trees will prevent sunlight from reaching your home. Besides, trees with a high branch density are more likely to fall or break during storms. You can avoid such incidents by pruning the excess branches.

Other signs to look out for include:

For more information on tree pruning, contact a professional near you.