Caring for Your Trees

3 Close-Call Situations That Require A Tree Removal

Trees can add to the beauty of a landscape. However, they can also be problematic and dangerous. Homeowners need to routinely observe the trees on their properties for abnormalities. They might notice that there are significant changes occurring that could be signs of disease or death. Sometimes a healthy tree may also pose a threat because of safety issues or potential property damage. Dead trees are another threat because some dead trees may be in an upright position and appear normal. However, they could tip over at any time and cause property damage, injuries, or death. The following points identify a few situations that should prompt homeowners to take action and request tree removal services. 

Close Proximity to Structures

Some trees are healthy. However, their location makes it sensible to remove them. Trees that are located close to homes and buildings may cause property damage. If they are large trees that hover over the building structures, there is a risk of fallen branches causing damage. Tree roots represent another threat. They can invade plumbing systems and cause clogs if they are planted too close to homes and buildings.

Close to a Neighbor's Property

Sometimes a homeowner may have trees that are not near their home but border their property line and are closer to their neighbor's home. This can create disputes if the tree has invasive roots that invade the neighbor's plumbing system. It can also cause issues if a branch breaks off or a tree falls and damages the neighbor's property. Due to the potential legal nature of this, it would be sensible to seek tree removal services. 

Close to Utility Lines

Healthy trees may grow to significant heights. The height may eventually reach power or cable lines. The growth may cause outages. Some utility companies may not try to seek compensation. However, if a homeowner does not take action and get the tree removed, they could face legal troubles. Overgrown trees can cause outages that may affect more households than the owner of the tree. Taking the appropriate action can aid in preventing legal disputes and neighborly disputes.

If you have concerns about a tree(s) on your property, a tree removal company is a good resource to use. They can assess the tree and determine its health status as well as the risk it poses. Individuals who have decided that they want trees removed and don't need an expert opinion can simply request a removal. 

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