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Frequently Asked Questions About Chemical Stump Removal And Its Effectiveness

Tree stumps are the last thing any homeowner wants to see in their yard. But, sadly, unless you remove them, they stay in place and become a permanent eyesore. In some cases, they might even become breeding grounds for pests or cause accidents and injuries. Therefore, it is advisable to look for simple and effective stump removal techniques to take care of the problem. Here are some frequently asked questions about chemical stump removal services and their effectiveness.

How do the Chemicals Work?

The chemicals have active ingredients that increase the speed of tree decay. The manufacturers make their removers with chemicals to perform the desired function. Also, some removers have potassium nitrate as the active ingredient, but others have alkaline materials. Once you pour the chemical onto part of the tree, it rots the cells inside the wood. You have to wait for a few years before the decomposition process is complete, and then you can tear down the part of the tree.

Is the Removal Effective?

This removal process is effective when you are interested in a gradual fix for the problem. The process takes some years to complete once you have poured the substance onto the tree. The state of the stump also determines how long the decomposition process takes. Typically, live trees take more time to complete the decomposition process than dead ones. Also, big trees take more time to decompose than smaller ones. The best way to quicken the decomposition process is by removing the rotten pieces and reapplying the agent frequently.

Are the Chemicals Safe?

It is always advisable to use the instructions issued by the manufacturer when applying the agent onto the remaining part of the tree. Most manufacturers will give you a manual with details about the amount to apply, the time to make the application, and whether the chemicals might cause damage to the neighboring plants. Take safety precautions like wearing protective gear, safety glasses, and a breathing mask to avoid inhaling toxins. Note that the stump will be highly combustible if the remover has saltpeter as this ingredient is highly flammable. You should also avoid mixing the removal chemicals with herbicides and other agricultural chemicals.

It is advisable to ask a tree removal expert to help you choose the ideal chemical for the removal process. The process is simple and efficient. With their help, you can slowly decompose the stump and chip it away until your yard is clear. Contact a local tree removal service, such as A + A Tree & Landscaping LLC, near you to learn more.