Caring for Your Trees

5 Reasons Why Professional Landscaping Is Safer

Hiring a landscaping service isn't just a time-saver, it can also be better for your health. There are several reasons why professional service is the wiser decision from a safety standpoint.

1. Equipment Hazards

Some pieces of equipment can be dangerous to use. This includes the obvious culprits, like chainsaws, but even some common home devices like weed trimmers and edges can cause major injuries. Part of the reason for these hazards is that many homeowners do not have the proper safety equipment, such as chainsaw chaps or quality protective eyewear, that is necessary to use these tools safely. Professionals have the equipment, experience, and safety training necessary to prevent injury.

2. Respiratory Concerns

Landscaping work can be dangerous to your respiratory health. Mowing, trimming, and other tasks kick up a lot of debris and dust into the air, which can make breathing difficult. Mold and fungal spores can also be released from the soil, and some of these can cause major illnesses. These are a few of the reasons why professionals often wear face protection and respiratory masks to protect them as they work. 

3. Chemical Exposure

Quite a few chemicals are often used in landscaping. Although these chemicals may help your lawn, they can be toxic to humans. These possible toxins include fertilizers and herbicides, as well as some pesticides that are used against lawn pests like grubs. They are safe to use when applied properly, preferably by a professional that has the training and tools to avoid any possible hazards.

4. Pruning Dangers

Trimming trees and shrubs can prove quite dangerous. If you skip a trim, then dead branches pose the risk of falling down and injuring someone below or causing property damage. If you opt to prune the trees yourself, there is the danger from falling branches, as well as the dangers involved with being on a ladder. Some trees are more hazardous than others, such as those near power lines. For this reason, it is usually a safer idea to let professionals handle tree trimming annually.

5. Allergy Risks

If you have allergies, landscape care can be a minefield. Mowing and trimming can stir up pollen or plant material that triggers your allergies, leaving you miserable for the rest of the day. Even those that only suffer from mold allergies aren't safe, since soil molds are often stirred up when mowing and trimming the lawn. 

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