Caring for Your Trees

Unexpected Reasons Your Tree May Need Removal

If your tree has died and started to drop branches near your house, you know it's time to remove it. But sometimes, a tree removal could come about due to a less obvious or a more unexpected reason. Here are some unexpected reasons your tree could need removal.

1. A Traffic Accident

You may not be used to thinking of cars as a threat to your trees. But if your tree is fairly close to a driveway or a road, it could be at risk of being hit by a car. Depending on the size of the vehicle and the size of the tree, a collision could mean that either the car or the tree will be totaled, or both.

If the tree shows signs of leaning after the accident, it likely needs to be removed. Or, if it has a large, deep gash, it may be at risk of developing a disease or infection that could mean it needs to be removed later. Consult with a tree removal expert to decide if your damaged tree will need to be removed or not.

2. A Lightning Strike

People use lightning strikes as a metaphor for something that's extremely unlikely, but actually, the Earth is struck by lightning around 8.6 million times per day. Since trees are tall, they tend to be at greater risk of a direct hit from lightning than a shorter object, such as your car. This is especially true of isolated trees and those growing on a high spot.

If your tree does get struck by lightning, it may explode. If not, it can still sustain damage deep inside the tree. Sometimes, a tree hit by lightning can be saved, but often the tree will need to be removed.

3. Unseen Internal Damage

If your tree looks relatively normal from the outside, you may be surprised to learn that it's rotting or riddled with insects on the inside. Sometimes, close examination is needed to discover this damage, especially if the tree is deciduous and has lost its leaves for the winter.

One reason your tree could sustain internal damage is if a lawnmower or string trimmer has bumped into its bark repeatedly throughout the season. This type of damage can be insidious, sometimes causing unseen damage beneath the bark. Insects such as Emerald Ash borers can also cause internal damage that may necessitate removal.

As you can see, trees can face a number of threats beyond the more common and obvious ones such as diseased leaves or wind damage. If you suspect your tree may need removal, consult with your local tree removal specialists today. A tree removal service can provide additional information.