Caring for Your Trees

Jordan Johnson

2 Ways To Get Rid Of The Ticks That Might Be In Your Yard

Ticks are more than just annoying pests that bother you and your pets. They can also carry illnesses that can affect you and your pets, including Lyme disease, which can cause you or your pets to have long-lasting health issues. If you have noticed that you have ticks around your house or are just worried that you might have them, even if you haven't seen them, you wa

Should You Handle Tree Removal Or Get A Professional To Do It? Why The Latter Is A Rational Idea

One of the most complicated things to think about when it comes to property management and landscaping is tree removal. When the removal is done properly, you do not have to worry about branches and whole trees falling onto your house and causing damage. On the other hand, when you remove a tree incorrectly, you will have to deal with complications such as injuries, a

5 Reasons To Grow Espaliered Trees

Tree trimming may result in a healthy natural-shaped tree, or if a more specialized type of pruning is used, you can end up with topiary or even espaliered trees. Espaliered trees aren't the most common since they do require quite a bit of pruning and maintenance, but they can be both attractive and useful once established. Here are some reasons why you should conside

Cracked Tree Limb? Call A Tree Service

Trees lose branches all of the time. It is a part of their life cycle, and it is usually not something to worry about. When you should worry, though, is when one of the tree's major limbs develops a crack. Many trees are not prepared to survive if they lose a major limb. They won't have enough leaves left to capture sunlight and make food. The wound left by the large

Stumped By Your Stumps? Why Removing Them Is Best

You've got tree stumps in your yard, and while you don't see them as a real threat, there are reasons to consider tree removal in your home. If you're stumped by your stumps, have a tree specialist use a stump grinder to remove the offending tree remains. Your stumps harbor pests Tree stumps house lots of dead wood that just rots and gets softer and moldier with time.