Caring for Your Trees

3 Reasons To Get Rid Of A Spruce Tree

Many homeowners like to have evergreen trees in their yards. An evergreen tree will ensure that you have color in your home's landscape throughout the entire year.

Spruce trees are a popular evergreen option. Unfortunately, a spruce tree can become more of a headache than an asset.

Here are three reasons why you might choose to have a spruce tree removed from your yard. 

1. Surface Roots 

All mature trees need to get ample nutrition to grow properly. If the soil around your home isn't conducive to the growth of spruce trees, you may see surface roots begin to appear.

You may be able to utilize fertilizers to enhance soil quality, but there are no guarantees this approach will work.

Surface roots can become problematic for a few reasons. First, they can create a major tripping hazard in your yard. Second, they can cause foundation damage to your home.

It may be in your best interest to have a spruce tree with surface roots removed from your yard.

2. Disease 

A diseased spruce tree can be a real eyesore.

Spruce trees are susceptible to a number of ailments. Some of the most common diseases that plague spruce trees include needle rust (which turns the needles of the tree a pink-brown color), needle cast (a fungus that causes spruce trees to lose their needles), and tip blight (a fungus that prevents new growth).

Any trees that exhibit signs of disease should be removed from your landscape as quickly as possible. Removal will prevent the spread of disease to other trees in your yard.

3. Mess 

If you are the type of homeowner that doesn't want to invest a lot of time into taking care of your yard, a spruce tree might not be the best option for you.

Evergreen trees will drop their needles once each year. If your spruce tree is shedding a significant amount of needles, cleaning up the mess can be daunting. Spruce trees also produce sap. This sticky material can be difficult to clean off your car, home, or outdoor furniture.

If you are tired of dealing with the mess that a spruce tree creates in your yard, contact an expert to have the tree removed.

Spruce trees can be majestic and beautiful, but that doesn't mean they have a place in everyone's yard. Schedule an appointment with a spruce tree removal service to discuss your options when it comes to the spruce tree in your yard.