Caring for Your Trees

The Tree Removal Process For Cutting Down A Tree In Your Yard

Getting a tree removed from your property can take a lot of work, but it's worth it to remove the danger or to make more room on your property. Tree removal usually involves making quite a bit of noise, so you may want to let your neighbors know in advance what will be happening. Here are some of the steps that could be involved in taking down your tree.

Bring In Heavy Equipment

The tree removal company needs a variety of equipment to take down a tree. The trucks are left parked at the curb, so they won't harm your yard. The company will probably bring a mulching machine that chews up branches into mulch and shoots the mulch into a truck.

This machine is necessary so the branches don't take up a lot of room when they're hauled away. The company may also need to bring a boom truck with a bucket attachment so the workers can cut the tree high off of the ground safely.

Trim Branches So The Trunk Is Exposed

The tree removal company may start by trimming away branches so they can reach the truck to cut them into chunks. When the branches fall to the ground, the crew moves them to the mulching machine. Since mulch is made on the spot, you might ask the tree removal company if they can leave some behind that you can use for mulch if you have a use for it.

Cut The Tree Down

The person cutting down the trunk might work from a nearby tree or from the boom truck. Since they have to be careful not to harm your property, they start at the top of the tree and cut the trunk into manageable pieces that can be safely and slowly directed to a clear space on the ground. This process continues until only the stump is left.

Cutting down a tree that's in good shape is often safer and more predictable than cutting down a diseased tree, but no matter what condition or position the tree is in, a tree removal company can cut it up and remove it.

When they're finished, the tree removal company hauls off the trunk pieces and branches, so all that's left of the trunk is the stump unless you opt to have the stump ground up and removed too.

Tree removal usually goes fairly fast, so the work is done in a single morning or afternoon. However, if the tree is difficult to work with and the crew has to work slowly, it will take longer to complete the job. While the crew is working, you'll need to keep your family and pets away so they won't get hurt by debris falling from the tree.