Caring for Your Trees

Three Reasons Why You Should Have Your Trees Trimmed Regularly

Trees are a wonderful feature in any garden, especially when you live in a city or suburban area where they can be sparse otherwise. It is important that you take good care of your tree so that it lasts a long time, but what you may not realize is that this can involve having it professionally trimmed. Trimming your trees is also important in protecting your home and property from potential problems that can arise. Here are a few reasons that really highlight why professional tree trimming is so important regardless of how healthy your tree is.

Danger To Powerlines 

If your tree is not regularly trimmed, then it is very possible that branches, twigs, and leaves can start to grow in ways that would almost guarantee they fall onto a powerline should they snap off. While this isn't a reason to cut a tree down, it is a reason to be proactive about keeping the branches neatly cut short so that you don't lose power to your home when you least expect it. Not only that, but having the powerline restored can cost a lot more than a regular tree trimming, so it makes sense from a financial point of view too.

Can Break Windows During Storms

When certain extended branches grow enough offshoots where they begin to weigh the branch down, then all it takes is one thunderstorm to blow that branch off of its place and through a nearby window. While twigs and leaves may not look heavy, when they are completely wet through by the rain and battered around by fast winds, they can certainly be heavy enough to break a branch. The leaves act almost as mini-sails that catch the wind and pull the branch in directions you do not want it to go. Keeping your tree trimmed of all these unnecessary branches and offshoots is necessary to protect your home.

Helps Regrowth

Tree trimming is not only good for your safety, but also for the safety of the tree. It is good and healthy for a tree to regrow branches on regular occasions so that it does not stagnate and die. You can also help shape the tree so that it grows in a way that will be safe to exist for many years. That means even if the trees you own aren't close to your home or any powerlines, it is still important to have them trimmed so they can continue their natural cycle of growth and regeneration.