Caring for Your Trees

Tree Removal Mistakes You Should Avoid

Tree removal might seem like an easy task for DIY enthusiasts. However, that's not always the case since such tasks require a lot of expertise. Sadly, DIY enthusiasts will always make costly mistakes as they aren't used to doing such jobs. 

Here are some mistakes to avoid during DIY tree removal projects. 

Failing to Wear Protective Gear

Tree removal is a risky gig that requires you to be safe at all times. Regrettably, DIYers will forget to wear personal protective equipment in the process. This mistake can expose your head and eyes to falling objects and flying splinters, respectively. 

If you decide to cut a tree by yourself, always wear a hard hat, gloves, and protective glasses. This way, you won't have to worry about your eyes, hands, or head getting hurt.

Cutting Down a Rotten Tree

You can get away with cutting down a normal tree but not a rotten tree. Rotten trees are weak and can collapse at any time. Unless you have the right skill and equipment to cut down a rotten tree, leave it to the professionals. 

Failing to Consider the Surrounding Areas

You have to assess the surrounding areas whenever you want to cut down a tree. This way, you'll know the safest place to direct the falling tree. No homeowner wants to cut down a tree, only for it to fall on a building or power lines. You have to control its fall and direct it in a safe direction. While at it, ensure that the place you are stepping has no obstacles that can trip you.

Leaving the Stump

If you decide to do a DIY tree removal project, you should have a way to get rid of the stump. Unfortunately, most people will leave the stump and wait for it to rot. These stumps will make your landscape ugly and also attract termite infestations. That said, you should have a tree removal company grind away the stump.

Not Asking for Help

No matter how good you think you are at cutting down trees, you can't do it on your own. You'll need the help of friends or relatives to control the direction of the fall. Therefore, don't attempt to do a tree removal project alone. If you have got no help, engage a tree removal company instead of risking your life. 

If you have a couple of trees that need cutting down, consider seeking help from a tree removal company. This way, you don't have to make any of the mistakes discussed above.