Caring for Your Trees

Three Ways To Determine If Your Trees Need Trimming

Properly maintaining your trees is a great way to keep your property looking good, your trees healthy, and your home safe. When trees get too large, if they're suffering from a disease or infestation, or if they are damaged or leaning, having your trees trimmed can save them and help you avoid any risks.

Branches Are Touching Home or Utility Lines

Trees that have grown so big that they're starting to touch things like buildings or utility lines need to be trimmed as soon as possible, as this can cause a variety of risks. Branches that touch utility lines or poles could cause damage or be damaged, and branches that touch buildings can give harmful pests access to those buildings even if you have had your home preemptively treated.

If a tree on your property is getting too close to any utility lines, the company that manages those lines will trim the trees free of charge. Contact the company to report the issue and to ask what they can do.

Tree Looks Diseased or Damaged

Trees suffering from damage or disease can also pose risks. Weakened or dying branches can fall, and disease or infestations left untreated can spread to the rest of the tree and kill it entirely. Some signs of disease include brittle branches, bark that flakes off at a touch, or sudden drooping in certain areas of the tree.

Oftentimes, trimming can help save a tree suffering from disease or infestation, as clearing away the damaged or infested branches can prevent it from spreading. It can also prevent these branches from falling onto buildings, vehicles, pets, or people. If you see any signs that your tree might be diseased, infested with harmful pests, or damaged by storms, call a professional immediately to reduce the risk of harm or damage.

Tree Is Leaning or Misshapen

A tree that is leaning to one side or looks misshapen may appear as though it is dying or about to fall over, but in some cases, this isn't true. Trees that are leaning because too much weight is on one side or because it was blown by a heavy storm may otherwise be perfectly healthy and can still be saved. The reason trimming is important is because when a tree is affected in this way, it's important to make sure its weight is evenly distributed and not too heavy. This way, your tree can be repositioned and restabilized.

Disease can also weaken a tree to the point where it starts to lean. However, if you don't notice any signs of trouble, like fungus growing at the base of the trunk, flaky bark, or holes in the trunk, you may be able to save your tree with the help of professionals. Contact a tree trimming service for more information.