Caring for Your Trees

When Will Tree Removal Help You Sell Your Property?

Trees can add great value to a property. But trees can also decrease the value of a property. This is something you should take seriously when preparing to put your house on the market. Healthy trees, with beautiful foliage, are a boon to a property. And trees that are well-positioned are something that can attract buyers.

Before you sell your home, examine the trees on your property. And you may want to hire an arborist to create a tree report for you too. Only then can you be sure if tree removal can help you sell your home.

In the following instances, tree removal may help you to sell your home.

When your tree blocks natural light

When a tree blocks natural light, this can make a home gloomy. Shaded areas of a house also tend to suffer from moisture issues and moss growth, which can increase maintenance costs. Some buyers may be put off if a tree doesn't allow enough natural light to enter the house.

When your tree is too close to your home

If your tree is close to your home, then this could lead to potential issues like leaf litter on the roof, pest invasion, and tree branch damage during rough weather. These could all lead to extra costs that could put potential buyers off.

When your tree's roots are affecting the foundation

Tree roots can damage the foundations of nearby buildings and cause subsidence, especially in areas with clay soil. Even if your tree hasn't caused problems with your foundation, the possibility remains, which potential buyers will realize once they assess the tree on your property.

When your tree is dead or dying

Dead trees are fire hazards that could catch fire during a severe lightning storm or a bushfire. And trees that sick or dying will soon become a problem, once they die. Dead trees drop branches and can topple over in bad weather. These safety risks mean that you should remove your tree before you put your home on the market.

When your tree is affecting the water line or overhead wires

If you have had problems with your tree's roots in your water line in the past, then you need to ensure that the roots will no longer be an issue. If your tree's roots pose any risk to your home's plumbing, potential buyers will look elsewhere, due to the possible costs involved.

And if your tree's branches are growing close to overhead utility lines, the risk of fire or injury means that you should consider removing your tree, even if you don't plan to sell your home.

Before you sell your home, you may need to remove your tree if it is causing one or more of the aforementioned problems.