Caring for Your Trees

2 Tips For Pruning A Large Tree

When it comes to pruning trees, there is a lot more to it than snipping away branches until it looks right. Here are some tips that will help promote healthy growth for the upcoming growing season.

Know Which Limbs To Remove

It can be a struggle learning which trees to remove if you have never done so before. If the tree is getting to be too big, then you'll want to know which limbs are safe to remove. Start by trimming branches that grow parallel to each other, since it will allow more light into the tree and help promote growth. You can safely remove one of the branches and it will thin out the tree. 

You'll also want to get rid of those branches that are dead and not going to grow back next season. You'll notice that there are some branches that do not have any leaves growing on them while others do. These are likely dead branches. However, a dead branch may also have leaves that still cling to it while the other branches that are alive allow the leaves to fall to the ground. Sometimes the branch will have a lot of bark that has fallen off, which makes it really easy to spot the dead branch. 

Use Undercuts And Overcuts On Large Branches

A common mistake that people make is making a large cut in a large branch, where the weight of the branch ends up being what causes it to break off the tree. This can cause some serious damage as a result, since the branch can break where you don't want it to, or cause it to tear off the branch along the trunk of the tree.

What you want to do instead is take the majority of the branch off a bit further away from where you really want to make the cut. Make an undercut along the bottom of the branch so that the branch weight is still supported by the branch itself. You'll then make an overcut slightly further away from the undercut. This then allows you to cut through the branch and have it fall off without damaging the trunk.

Now with a small portion of the branch left, you can cut closer to the trunks that a small amount is still sticking out from the trunk, which will promote proper healing. Don't try to cut it flush against the trunk, since you'll likely damage the trunk in the process. For more information, contact a tree trimming service.