Caring for Your Trees

Stumped By Your Stumps? Why Removing Them Is Best

You've got tree stumps in your yard, and while you don't see them as a real threat, there are reasons to consider tree removal in your home. If you're stumped by your stumps, have a tree specialist use a stump grinder to remove the offending tree remains.

Your stumps harbor pests

Tree stumps house lots of dead wood that just rots and gets softer and moldier with time. The fungus that grows on these stumps attracts a variety of pests, from earwigs to pill bugs to stinging wasps who want to make a secure nest.

If your tree stumps have started to sprout mushrooms and other fungi or the stumps are hollowed out and have spongy wood coming off of them, it's time for tree removal services. A tree removal specialist will come to your home and use a special tool called a stump grinder to grind out the stump entirely. Surrounding roots will also be taken out and the bare area left can be reseeded or filled with sod to make your yard more appealing.

Your stumps break up your yard

Even a single tree stump takes up a lot of space in your yard. Your tree removal specialist can free up several feet of space when removing the stump and make your yard more cohesive. Multiple stumps take up even more space, so if you have a smaller yard, this is a landscape improvement tactic you can utilize to give your yard more useful space and a greater dimension.

Your stumps are a danger

You can run over a tree stump with a lawnmower or other yard machinery and cause an accident or break machinery. Someone can trip and fall over a tree stump and get injured. If a tree stump has stinging wasps or ants, someone can activate a nest and get injured. Having tree removal services remove your offending tree stumps once and for all makes your yard far safer.

If you have offending roots in addition to a pesky tree stump, ask your tree removal specialist if they can kill the roots and take out the more obvious ones when they take your stumps out. The right tree specialist will use multiple tools to get rid of stumps and will take measures to make your yard as beautiful as possible. Quotes for services can be given at an initial consultation.

For more information, contact a tree removal service.