Caring for Your Trees

Lots of Trees? Hire Fall Seasonal Services from a Tree Care Company

Do you have lots of different trees in your yard? For the most part, trees take care of themselves. They can reach down and gather water from far beneath the ground when rain is scarce. They lose their own leaves and come back again each spring. But every couple of years, it is still nice to have a tree care service come out, take a look around, and perform some basic care. Fall is a good time to do this. Here are some of the main things a tree care service will likely do while they're on your property.

1. Trim away any dead or dangerous branches.

Mature trees don't usually need any extensive pruning, but in the fall, it is a good idea for a tree service to remove any dead branches. Otherwise, the winter weather may bring these branches to the ground, creating a mess, and it might even blow them through your window or onto your roof. The tree service can also trim away any branches that are rubbing against your roof or fence, growing near power lines, or otherwise presenting any risk to people or property.

2. Cable any cracked limbs.

If any of the trees have cracked limbs, a tree service can use cables to secure those limbs. Sometimes when they are cabled back in place, cracked limbs heal, but even if they do not, they won't come crashing down once snow piles on top of them as they might without a cable.

3. Spray any fruiting trees with dormant oil.

If you have any fruiting trees on your property, a tree care service can spray them with what's known as a dormant oil. Come springtime, this oil will keep the trees from being bothered by infectious fungi and insects. This is a good thing to do even for crabapple trees and other trees that don't produce edible fruit since it keeps the trees in good health and keeps your yard from being swarmed with bugs.

4. Deep water any trees that need it.

If there are any trees on your land that look like they're dehydrated or have a shallow root system, your tree care company may deep water them. Basically, this means they will inject water beneath the ground where the trees can access it and use it to prepare for the upcoming winter.

You don't have to do a lot to maintain your mature trees, but if you can have a tree service come once a year or even every few years, it will make a big difference.