Caring for Your Trees

Maintain Lots Of Shade With The Right Tree Trimming

Having tree trimming done can change the appearance of your yard significantly, as well as affect just how much sunlight you get. If you've been concerned about maintaining some shade in your yard, it's a good idea to look into making sure that tree trimming is not done too thoroughly. Instead of overdoing it with tree trimming and ending up with trees that look bare and don't provide enough shade, consider the following tips that can help you find the right balance. 

Avoid DIY Trimming Services

One of the most important things you can do to maintain your trees is simply avoiding DIY trimming. Instead of being concerned that you could trim down the trees too much, you can rely on a professional to make it clear that you want to maintain a lot of the leaves that can make sure your trees stay full.

With professional tree services, you can avoid being in a situation where there's too much sun being let into your yard.

Have the Trimming Spaced Out

Making sure that your trees are in the best shape after trimming can mean figuring out exactly where each tree will be and how they can affect the shade in your yard. Instead of having all the trees trimmed at the same time and having them be bare afterward, it's a good idea to have certain areas of the trees be trimmed first. What this can do is make sure that you don't end up in a situation where all the trees are trimmed at the same time and your yard is too exposed as a result.

Insist on Maintaining Shade

When you begin contacting arborists to schedule tree trimming, it's smart to ask questions about how much will be done and whether it's possible to keep up with trimming. By maintaining and keeping the trees trimmed only partway, you can continue to enjoy having plenty of shade in your yard without your trees being overgrown either.

Having tree trimming done doesn't need to mean sacrificing having all the shade you want in your yard. Instead of being concerned that your trees will be trimmed down too much, you can put in the effort to find an arborist that's on the same page with you regarding trimming the trees and making sure that the results look great and you can make sure that you're not going to have too much direct sunlight.