Caring for Your Trees

Is Your Favorite Tree Dying?

If you have a tree in your yard, you might look for signs of its health or lack thereof. While you might be happy with the green leaves on your tree, it's normal to be concerned when you see the signs that something is not right.

So, what exactly are those signs? Here's what you should look for when you think a tree is dying.

Fungus Growing on the Tree

Have you spotted mushrooms growing not only around the tree but actually on it? This could be a sign that something is wrong inside the tree, perhaps even in the roots. You may have material rotting inside, no matter how healthy the rest of the tree may look. Mushrooms and other forms of fungus may be a bad sign.

Insects & Animals

Insects, especially carpenter ants, are drawn to decaying wood. You may also spot the larvae of other insects living in the bark of a decaying tree.

Certain birds, especially woodpeckers, can also warn you that a tree is dying. These birds flock to trees that have big problems with insects, which may be feeding on the rotting wood inside. You might even see other animals moving in, including squirrels, rodents, and raccoons.

Peeling Exterior

Do you notice the bark of your tree beginning to peel or chunk off? Look for separation of the outside part of your tree, looking for areas where damage seems to have occurred for no reason. You may notice pieces of bark lying on the ground around the tree with no provocation.

Signs of Decay

Of course, you may also notice common signs of decay, like branches breaking off and leaves dying. Discoloration and clear scars are just a few of the common signs that a tree is experiencing severe decay.

Damage to Other Trees

Do you think several trees in the same area are experiencing similar issues? Disease could be spreading from one tree to another, calling for the need to remove a tree or trim its limbs. Check out other trees in the area for similar signs.

Your Next Steps

Do you think your tree needs to be removed? Do you wonder if removing decaying, damaged limbs is a good idea? It may be time to talk to a professional and discuss your tree's health. Some maintenance may be able to help you avoid total removal.

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