Caring for Your Trees

What To Do If A Tree Falls On Your Property

Tree removal doesn't just refer to cutting down problem trees; it also encompasses the removal of trees that have already fallen onto your property. Whether the tree came down due to an accident, age, or a major storm doesn't matter, especially if the tree caused damages or is too large to move easily. The following can help walk you through the proper process for the removal.

Notify the Pertinent Authorities

You may need to make a phone call to one or more emergency services or utilities depending on where the tree fell. If the tree is hung up in power lines, for example, you will need to notify the power company immediately so that they can take steps to minimize electrical risks. You may also need to call 911 or your local emergency service, especially if there are live wires or sparks, so they can secure the area until the power company arrives. You may also need to notify emergency services if the tree obstructs a road, results in unsafe conditions, or causes injury.

Contact Your Insurance Company

The next step is to let your insurance company know what happened, especially if the tree has fallen on your home. Tree damages are often covered by a homeowners insurance policy. Another issue is if it is your neighbor's tree that has fallen onto your home or property. Your respective insurance companies will work to determine where fault lies as well as handle the payment for repairs, although you will need to pay any required deductibles first.

Secure Your Home's Safety

If the tree has fallen onto your home, you may have another problem — structural concerns. Even if there is no visible damage beneath the tree, damage to roof trusses and other supports could render your home unsafe. You will need to have the home assessed, particularly in the area where the tree has fallen, to make sure it is safe to stay inside. As long as the house is considered sound, you can continue to live inside of it even if the tree hasn't yet been removed. You may also need to tarp the area to prevent water from getting into your home until the tree is removed and repairs are made.

Schedule Removal

Don't try to remove the tree yourself, especially if it has landed on a structure or a vehicle or if it has been entangled in power lines. A professional tree removal company will be able to assess the tree and determine the best possible tactics to implement to remove the tree cleanly and with minimal additional damages to your property. It is also much safer to allow the professionals to handle removal, as it can be challenging to remove a tree and an amateur is much more likely to injure themselves.

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