Caring for Your Trees

Three Things To Consider When Hiring A Tree Removal Service

If you are in the market for a tree removal service, then there are many things to consider. Of many aspects to consider, you also need to determine what trees should be removed, the effects of the tree removal service on your yard, and other services that could help you.

What Trees Need To Be Removed

If you are hiring a tree removal contractor, then you most likely already have an idea of what tree you want to be removed from your property. However, if you have more than one tree in your yard, then it may want to consider removing more than just one tree. For example, areas with a lot of wind, rain, and other extreme elements paired with weak trees can mean every tree on your property is at risk of falling or causing other damage. Shorter trees may be improperly placed and cause damage down the line by infiltrating pipes, the foundation, and even sidewalks. If you already have a tree removal service picked out, then you should strongly consider any trees that need to be removed for long-term health and safety.

The Effect Of Trucks In Your Yard

Tree removal services require large trucks to lift professionals into the air and carry the tree parts away from the property. These trucks may be parked on the road, but some properties require the trucks to drive into the property itself. Indents in your property due to these heavy trucks (especially if the ground is wet or otherwise unstable) are fixable but something you may want to consider as a side effect of tree removal. It may not happen, but you should be prepared just in case.

Finding Other Services To Manage The Effect Of Trees

Trees are an amazing source of clean air and shade, but they can also cause harm to your house's exterior even without them falling or leaving branches. For example, trees create dark, cooler areas that can lead to mold on your external wood that needs power-washed away. If you are removing a large tree, then you will most likely still want to remove the roots of the system in case the tree regrows from the trunk. Finally, if your trees have effected property foundations or sidewalks, then you will most likely want to manage that damage as well.

If you are hiring a tree removal service, then you will need to consider which trees to remove, the possible damage to your yard the contractors may have to bring, and the extraneous effects trees can have on your property. For more information, speak with the team of a local tree removal service like Pete & Ron's Tree Service, Inc.