Caring for Your Trees

Own A Tropical Vacation Rental? Alleviate Concerns By Removing Delicate Trees

After becoming the owner of a tropical vacation rental, you may have put time and effort into furnishing and decorating the space so that you could start generating income. Over time, you may learn more about the rental as well as the potential improvements that you can make.

After you feel great about the inside of the house, you should focus on the outside. Although removing trees might take away some of the property's visual appeal, you should not hesitate to get rid of any delicate trees that may cause you various problems over the years.


Owning and managing a vacation rental in a tropical climate means that you have to think about hurricanes when it comes to property upkeep, changes, and additions.

While you may not have experienced hurricanes since you became the owner of a vacation rental, you may know that they will come eventually. This makes it worth removing any tree with a high risk of branches breaking or the whole tree being uprooted from the ground due to heavy winds.

If you do not know what trees pose the greatest risk, you can hire professionals to come over beforehand to inspect the landscape and determine which trees are ideal candidates for removal.


Whether you live close by or far away from the vacation rental, you may know that you will not be looking at the property as closely as you would your own home. This can make it quite challenging to detect issues that require an up-close and in-depth inspection. For instance, you may find that tree pests fit into this category quite well since most pests are difficult to see.

If you do not want to worry about trees becoming pest-ridden, you should remove any high-risk and delicate trees that would have a difficult time recovering from a pest infestation.


Although you can rely on a tropical climate to rain a lot throughout the year, you should still consider the possibility for water to become a problem. Heavy downpours going on for days could cause problems for nonnative trees that are not tolerant to floods. Also, you may have trees throughout the landscape that are unable to thrive unless they receive a lot of water regularly.

This makes it worth removing trees that are prone to health issues because of too much or too little water. Afterward, you can make plans to grow native trees that are more resilient to these conditions since you will be able to rely on them looking attractive and healthy for vacationers.

To learn more, contact a tree removal service.