Caring for Your Trees

Tips For Trimming Your Trees To Improve Fire Safety On Your Property

If trees have grown out of control on your property or if you've moved to a new home with trees that haven't been trimmed in a long time, consider calling a tree trimming company to get the trees in shape. One reason this is important is to reduce the risk of fire spreading on your property. Here are some tips for trimming or removing trees so your property is safer from a fire.

Keep Dead Branches Trimmed

Dead branches on your trees are usually drier than the healthy ones. Leaves may be brittle and can ignite quickly. If the entire tree is dead, a tree expert may recommend removing it for safety reasons.

If only a few branches have died due to disease or injury, have the dead branches removed from your tree. Your tree should have as little dried plant matter on and around it as possible so the tree won't catch on fire easily.

Create Space Between Trees

It's important to trim trees so their branches don't intertwine or touch. When trees are too close to each other, fire can jump from tree to tree quite easily. If your trees are mature and their branches are already growing into each other, get advice from a tree professional about trimming the trees for fire safety. Ideally, each tree should be several feet apart and several feet from your house.

Trim Lower Branches Away

In addition to creating horizontal space between trees, individual trees should be trimmed to create vertical space. That means the lower branches should have several feet between them and the ground, your roof, or bushes in your yard. By eliminating lower branches, fire on the ground can't leap up the tree as easily, and if a fire is in a tree, it won't spread to your house or bushes as fast.

Start Trimming Trees When They're Young

The best time to start trimming a tree is when it is still young and the growth can be controlled. If the trees on your property aren't fully mature, they may grow too close to each other or your house, but a tree trimming service can often get the growth under control. When trees are planted too close together, some of the trees may need to be removed when they are mature because it may be too late for trimming.

If you want your property to have the most protection from fires started by lightning, a downed power line, or a brush fire, then bring in a tree expert and find out if you need to remove some trees or if they can all be trimmed to increase fire safety.