Caring for Your Trees

Removing A Tree That You Planted Many Years Ago

If you and your parents planted a tree on Arbor Day many years ago, some of your fondest memories may have involved observing the tree's height and width expand over the years. Now many years later, you may have been met with the unfortunate fate of dealing with damage to the tree. If the tree cannot be salvaged, hire a tree removal crew to assist you with eliminating the tree from your property.

Describe The Condition Of The Tree And Seek An Assessment

Tree removal specialists typically deal with trees that have been damaged by storms or that have been infested with a disease that has stunted their ability to thrive. When you speak to the owner of a tree company, tell them about the tree type, the current condition of the tree, and any measures that you have taken to care for it. In addition, describe the location of the tree in relation to your residence. The tree will need to be personally assessed to determine how severe the problem is and to delegate specific tools for the removal process. 

Keep A Part Of The Tree And Plant Saplings

Before the crew comes to your residence to inspect the tree and begin the removal process, take some pictures of the tree so that you can remember it. Direct the head of the crew to the location of the tree. The condition of the trunk, bark, and limbs will be assessed. You will be provided with information about the status of each feature and the measures that need to be taken to remove the tree from your property.

If there is only one specific part that is damaged, such as the crown or some of the upper branches, you can request a partial removal, which will result in a trunk remaining on the property. If you decide to leave the trunk intact, use this part of the tree as a reminder of your past. On the date that the tree will be officially cut down, stay inside of your home and allow the removal crew to conduct their jobs.

Safety is paramount during the climbing of a trunk and removal of branches, so it is best if you stay clear of the area where work is being conducted. Once the project is complete, consider planting new saplings to repeat the process that you and your parents originally participated in together.