Caring for Your Trees

3 Myths About Having Your Trees Trimmed

Tree trimming services can be among the most common types of landscaping services that people will need. Unfortunately, they may not be as informed about these services as they should be due to the amount of misinformation that circulates about this type of routine yard work.

Myth: Only Branches with Dying Leaves Need to Be Trimmed

While the presence of leaves dying on the branches can be an indication that this part of the tree is needing to be removed, it is not the only reason for branches needing to be trimmed. For example, it can be necessary to trim branches as a precautionary measure to protect the home or surrounding property from the damage that results from branches falling. This can be especially true if the branches are near utility lines as this could cause a loss of power and other essential services for those in your neighborhood.

Myth: Tree Trimming Requires No Technique

The process of trimming a tree may seem like it only involved cutting branches, but there are significant amounts of techniques that go into this work. For example, there are growth nodes that may need to be avoided so that the branch can regrow. Also, the area that is trimmed will have to be sealed to keep bacteria and other substances from being able to enter it. Failing to correctly follow these techniques can be devastating to the plant as they can allow significant health problems to occur. Lastly, it can be difficult for a homeowner to know exactly what parts of the tree will need to be trimmed.

Myth: It Is Difficult to Use the Tree Trimmings in a Productive Way

Even having fairly small trees trimmed can produce vast amounts of waste. Some homeowners might think that it will be extremely difficult to dispose of the trimmings from their trees. Yet, there are many uses for this debris that can make it easy to find a use for the trimmings. One of the more popular options for disposing of these materials will be to turn them into mulch or sawdust. Both of these substances can have a variety of useful purposes for your landscaping. Luckily, many tree trimming services can provide customers and clients with mulching and grinding services. If you do not plan on using these materials right away, they should be stored somewhere safe to avoid them developing mold or rotting before you can use them.